Malema demands at least matric for EFF leaders

Malema was addressing the Free State Provincial Plenum on Sunday, where he told delegates that he had rejected the name of a proposed MMC in the City of Johannesburg last week because the person did not have a matric qualification.

EFF councillors Sepetlele Raseruthe and Ennie Makhafola were sworn in as councillors in Joburg on Friday.

They will be sworn in as members of the mayoral committee on Monday.

“In Joburg, I was given the names of two comrades who were going to be MMCs. I said okay but then later got time to read their profiles. I saw one of them doesn’t have matric and wants to be an MMC.

“I put a phone to EFF leadership and I said, ‘this guy can’t be an MMC’. He’s a good comrade but this position doesn’t require that singing. I said we can’t be worse than the ANC.

“Go back to school if you want to lead the EFF or lead the country. We’re prepared to govern… but we’ve never said putting up posters is a qualification for government positions.

“I’m going to sponsor a motion now in the next conference of the EFF that anyone who leads the EFF, the basic requirement is matric, so we correct the wrongs. You can no longer blame anyone for not going to school. Opportunities are there. The EFF Student Command is there to assist you,” Malema told supporters, who broke out in laughter.

Malema also took the time to address criticism he faced about the announcement of the March 20 national shutdown in response to the country’s energy crisis.

The march, will also call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.

He said he had been accused to trying to destroy the economy by calling for the shutdown.

“There is no march that will collapse the economy of SA. The economy has already collapsed. If anything, we’re trying to remove the people who’ve collapsed this economy.

“Things are bad in the country and it’s not going to get better. I heard someone say load shedding will be done in December and it’s not true. 

“Unemployment is at 60% for the youth and yet nothing is happening and that government is not threatened.

“On the 9th of February, Cyril Ramaphosa will not address that parliament peacefully because he’s got no respect for parliament of SA. We can’t be addressed by a constitutional delinquent, a man who’s thrown the Constitution of SA into a pit toilet.

“We will be in Pretoria. We’re not going to the lawns of the Union Buildings but we’re going to the gate of Mahlamba Ndlopfu (the official residence for the president), where the president stays, because that’s our house,” Malema said.

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