‘They can kill us, IFP will still be removed’: EFF on alleged assassination plot

Clement Manyathela speaks to Sinawo Thambo, EFF spokesperson and Velenkosini Hlabisa, IFP president.

  • The EFF says they received reports that IFP senior leaders were plotting to assassinate the secretary-general.

  • Hlabisa says the IFP does not want to kill anyone in the EFF.

The Economic Freedom Fighters released a statement saying they were briefed by the South African Police Service (SAPS) that senior leaders of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) were plotting to assassinate their secretary-general.

Thambo says the party’s leadership was briefed unprovoked by the police in the last few days, who said there was credible intelligence on this assassination plot.

He says the reason for this plot is because the EFF has made the decision to break their relationship with the IFP.

The reports are shocking, they are alarming and they are a reflection on the regression of politics. Not only in KwaZulu-Natal, which is popular for political assassinations, but in the IFP, which is known historically for being part and parcel of bloodshed in this country when there are political disagreements.

Sinawo Thambo, EFF Spokesperson

Thambo adds that this threat will not stop the EFF from trying to remove the IFP from power in all KwaZulu-Natal municipalities.

They can kill him, they can kill me, they can kill the deputy president, but the IFP will be removed from power.

Sinawo Thambo, EFF Spokesperson

Hlabisa says the IFP has no interest in killing anyone in the EFF and says they are not a factor Kwazulu-Natal.

No one would want to kill anyone, even a councilor of the EFF, because we are not desperate.

Velenkosini Hlabisa, IFP President

He adds that they are going to write to SAPS calling them to arrest whoever is allegedly plotting to kill Marshall Dlamini as soon as possible.

Hlabisa says if the police do not arrest the alleged perpetrators immediately, the IFP will challenge them to explain why no arrests were made if this information is true.

Listen to the audio above for more.

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