LISTEN: Economists react to Sona2023, ‘Who will really run the show with new energy minister in the mix?’

With no “family meetings” held in recent memory, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa finally appeared in front of the nation on Thursday evening to deliver his state of the nation address (Sona) as the country is in the midst of its worst energy crisis in history.

Ramaphosa said that the electricity shortage has damaged the economy.

Andra Nel, purpose manager at KFC’s Add Hope said that the president painted a picture of a country that is faced with multiple challenges.

Listen to her reaction to Ramaphosa’s Sona below:

IOL NEWS · Purpose Manager of KFC’s Add Hope Andra Nel reacts to SONA 2023

Frank Blackmore, lead economist at KPMG said that with a new minister of electricity being appointed, it could be a good thing, but as seen with economic growth, if the responsibility is divided too finely, nothing will get done.

Listen to Blackmore’s reaction to the president’s Sona below:


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