Lizzo and Adele ‘got so drunk’ at Grammys

Lizzo says she and Adele got “so drunk” at the Grammys.

The singers, both 34, sipped on alcoholic drinks that Lizzo snuck into the ceremony in flasks and Adele admitted they had no idea what was going on throughout the show.

Speaking on ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning show’, Lizzo said: “We were like, ‘Did they do Best Artist?’

“We didn’t even know, and when it was time and they would call our names we would just be like, ‘Smile’.”

Lizzo revealed that the flash she brought for herself had tequila, while Adele’s had white wine but she helped Adele to finish hers.

She said: “I brought it for Adele, and then I drank hers.”

The pair sat next to each other at the ceremony and Lizzo revealed: “I had zero say in where I was sitting, but Adele had 100 per cent say in where she was sitting. So therefore Adele Facetimed me when I was in Grammy rehearsal a few days before. She was like ‘Oh my God! Oh my God, we’re sitting next to each other’.”

Lizzo also explains that she thinks she owes pal Harry Styles an apology for downplaying the incident during his performance where the stage malfunctioned.

She said: “[Harry told me] the turntable went the wrong way.” [I told him] nobody noticed, [then I told our friend Tom] Don’t tell him we all noticed.

“I would have been so scared if that was me.”

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