Anti-crime activist gunned down in Eldorado Park

JOHANNESBURG – Anti-crime activist Ayob Mungalee has been shot dead in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg.

There are no further details surrounding his murder, but the area has been a hotspot for violence in recent months, with an uptick in shootings and robberies.

In response, there have been protests by community members who are calling for their safety to be prioritised.

Mungalee was the national director of a movement, People Seeking Justice Action Group.

In a recently released voice note at an anti-crime rally, he said: “Good morning EldoradoPark. We have had enough of the gangster violence killings and shootings, we have had enough. When shots go off our children should not be ducking for cover. There should be no shots fired in Eldorado Park.”

Fellow anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee condemned Mungalee’s murder.

“It’s sad that people who are committed to fighting crime, to standing up against injustice are gunned down. Life has become so cheap in South Africa and we hope that the police will act urgently and decisively,” said Abramjee.

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