British Intelligence detects «small advances» of the Wagner Group in the northern part of Bajmut

Mercenaries of the Wagner Group, a Kremlin-affiliated paramilitary network, have made “small gains” in areas north of the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, located in the Donetsk region, according to the latest report from UK intelligence services.

The area has become the scene of fighting in recent weeks and, according to experts in London, pro-Kremlin forces have gained some ground, although Ukrainian troops remain in the area and there is little movement on the southern front.

British Intelligence, which releases daily analyses on the evolution of the conflict, also does not see “significant” milestones in other parts of eastern Ukraine such as Kremina-Svatove, in Lugansk, where Russian troops maintain a practically “continuous” offensive.

“Russia is likely seeking to reverse some of the gains made by Ukrainian forces between September and November 2022,” with orders to advance “in most sectors.” However, according to UK officials, “they have not built up sufficient offensive capability on any of the axes to achieve decisive effects.”


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