‘I failed him’: Zodwa Wabantu claims her ancestors showed her a vision of AKA before he was shot dead

Controversial exotic dancer cum sangoma Zodwa Wabantu is blaming herself for the death of South African rapper AKA.

Kiernan Forbes, popularly known as AKA, was killed on Friday night in Durban.

Wabantu claims she foresaw AKA’s death before he was shot dead by unknown assailants.

Taking to her Facebook page, Zodwa Wabantu revealed that when she was in her ancestral hut, her ancestors showed her a vision of AKA getting shot.

She claims that she tried to get in touch with him over the phone to tell him about the vision but failed to reach him. Wabantu revealed that an hour after, she found out AKA had been shot and was dead.

Wabantu also posted AKA’s picture with a rest in peace caption.

Meanwhile, a Zimbabwean prophet also claims to have accurately predicted AKA’s death.

Posting on his Facebook page following AKA’s death, Prophet Mellontik Orasi said that he tried to reach out to help the rapper but he rejected him.

The self-proclaimed man of God said that AKA never would have died had he listened and not ridiculed him.

Meanwhile, in a YouTube video, Slik Talk said that AKA’s decision to visit the city – and post his location on social media – were “careless moves“.

“I am hearing he was banned from Durban, he had received multiple warnings never to set foot in Durban. People had told him on multiple occasions never to set foot in Durban and he did it anyway … even though he knew he wasn’t good in Durban.

“You were never good in Durban AKA, you were never free to roam the streets of Durban because they still haven’t forgiven you for what you did to their sunflower. You think people forgot about Nelli Tembe?

“AKA rest in peace my brother, but life does not work like that. People don’t just move on in a blink of an eye … You have to be careful and you have to move accordingly,” Slik Talk said.

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