Wiser, more content and grateful — 5 times AKA showed SA he was becoming a ‘better version’ of himself

The rapper died on Friday night after he was shot outside a popular eating establishment on Florida road in Morningside, Durban.

In the past few years, but especially from 2022, the rapper swore to change his ways (which could be described as controversial and belligerent) and was filled with positive vibes and motivating those who saw his character traits change on the socials.

Mzansi and the legion of fans who called themselves Megacy witnessed the late rapper started moving differently — wiser, content and with gratitude.

Being a better person 

AKA in the past had a reputation of having fiery clap backs and was often called arrogant and pompous but after the death of his fiancée Anele Tembe in 2021 things changed for the rapper. As his outlook on life changed, so did his behaviour.

Earlier this month he tweeted that he missed those days.

“Sometimes I crave dishing out humble pie like I used to … rubbing people’s faces in it after they peed on my carpet. *sigh* … being a better person is challenging,” he posted.

Happy to be alive

Late in October 2022 fans had a glimpse into his mental health, with him telling them he is in a good space and happy to be alive.

The star had gone through much in recent years, including  the death of his girlfriend Anele ”Nellie” Tembe in April 2021.

AKA took to Twitter to explain that things were looking up for him.

“For what it’s worth, I’m just happy to be alive, busy and doing what I love again. Everything else right now is just a bonus,” he said.

Social media pressures

He urged his followers to move in their own lane and at their own pace.

“In this era of social media, nobody is posting their struggles, it’s only the flashy stuff, the success, the triumphs. Don’t let it make you feel like you do not have, You do. Set your own tempo, be grateful, work hard and everything you ever wanted will fall into place,” he tweeted.

In a separate tweet the rapper urged tweeps to focus on what they had in their lives. 

“You do not know what people are going through or the lengths they are going to to attain these material things. Don’t let social media pressurise you into thinking you are a have not. You do not know the whole story. Just focus on your self and your family.”

Motivating fellow artists

The streaming service Spotify released South Africa’s Wrapped 2022, the platform’s dive into the music that defined the year for users locally.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 was released and started trending. 

“To all artists looking at all these Spotify wrapped thingies and feeling discouraged or feeling down for whatever reason, just know that it doesn’t define you. Keep believing in your gift and go harder. Build a loyal fan base that will stick with you through thick and thin,” AKA tweeted.

No hard feelings against Cassper Nyovest 

The late rapper said he harboured no hard feelings for his former arch nemesis Cassper Nyovest. 

He had a sit-down on the The Sobering Podcast where he among other things spoke about his old beef with Cassper and how he needed to apologise to the rapper’s parents for swearing at them.

“You know, I look back now and I’m not proud of moments like that {slapping Cassper] now that I’m a bit older and I’ve gone through some sh*t in my life and I’m actually not proud of it,” he said.

“Also I’m not proud of swearing at his parents you know to tell you the truth and I definitely owe them an apology,” he added.

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