Bushiri case | Pastor claims there are no witnesses

JOHANNESBURG – Corruption-accused pastor Shepherd Bushiri says no witness will come forward and say he did anything illegal during his time in South Africa.

Bushiri and his wife Mary skipped the country to Malawi after they were released on bail in 2020.

They are facing charges of fraud and money laundering in 2020.

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South African authorities are trying to get the couple to be extradited.

Meanwhile, a Malawian high court has ruled that witnesses from South Africa must be present in court during the proceedings.

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Bushiri’s legal representative, Wapona Kita, said his client is innocent.

“He has never run any illegal thing in South Africa and he believes that there are no witnesses in this case,” says Kita.

“He says no one will come forward and say Bushiri stole money from me or anything along those lines.”

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