WATCH: Cape Town nurse leaves Mzansi in stitches with ‘Valentine’s Candles’, his parody video of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Flowers’

Social media sensation and full time nurse Jamie Barthus had Mzansi in stitches on Valentine’s Day, with his rendition of “Candles”, a parody of the Miley Cirus’s hit “Flowers”.

Bathus, 30, from Steenberg, created a home-made music video in his back yard, which has gone viral on social media.

Known for turning any song into a parody, Barthus is no stranger to the viral-videos scene. Since he created parodies in 2019, the dad of two ( and one on the way), has rocketed to fame for all the right reasons.

He told IOL Entertainment that people tend to forget his day job is being a nurse at a drug rehabilitation centre.

“I see to clients who need help with their drug addiction, I distribute their medication, counsel and guide them for a better future.”

But its the“ Valentine’s” video we all can relate to, which is making Mzansi laugh.

The lyrics of the song reads: “I will buy you some candles so you don’t sit in the dark, a light bulb that shines for two hours, I’m sure you’ll understand, this Valentine’s is not the same, the krag (electricity) is off do you feel my pain, yeah I can light you better than Eskom can( I’ll keep the lights on, I, will keep the power flowing)”.

Barthus said: “I recorded the song a week before Valentine’s Day , it took me a day to write and record the song, I shot the video the night before Valentine’s Day.

“The song is about Valentine’s Day celebration, but I take the situation where we as a country find ourselves today (load shedding), and I try to be as practical as I can by bringing across suggestions on celebrating the day involving our present day situation.

“Also, my community relates and appreciates every day life reality scenes, as they definitely are the most affected in these day-to-day situations and that’s what keeps me inspired to do what I love doing.”

Barthus said he easily gets into character to produce his videos.

“To be honest, it comes naturally. If I think back to my first few parodies, it was as if it’s part of me . It’s the natural easy thing for me to keep a straight face.”

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