Education in crisis | Pupil placement problems persist in WC

CAPE TOWN – We’re already halfway through the first semester of the academic year and over 1,400 Western Cape pupils still haven’t seen the inside of a classroom.

The province has been struggling with school placements since before teaching even started.

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Western Cape Education MEC David Maynier says the bulk of those that haven’t been placed are extremely late applicants.

“We will be working around the clock to place those learners as soon as possible here in the Western Cape,” he said.

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“Our district teams are working around the clock to resolve those issues. I would prefer it to be days and weeks, rather than months. As soon as possible we will try and ensure that these cases are resolved.”

The real challenge is a shortage in the number of available schools to accommodate the number of pupils. 

* eNCA’s Aviwe Mtila reports.

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