[WATCH] Jonathan Butler tell all – growing up poor, sexual abuse and drugs

Clarence Ford interviews Jonathan Butler, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Butler is back on home soil as he chats about his career, growing up poor, sexual abuse, drug use, family and more, and how he turned his situation around to become one of South Africa’s most legendary artists.

As a kid, most kids of seven-years-old were sheltered and protected by their parents…for me, at seven-years-old I was working, I was a working child for my parents.

Jonathan Butler, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist

Watch the interview below:

While some may shy away from sharing these aspects from one’s life, being open and honest has allowed for fans to connect and relate with him on an intimate level, says Butler.

He adds that for his fans, seeing their idol opening up about these challenges has created a safe space for them to come forward and speak out about their own challenges.

I share because it’s important for me, it’s also cathartic for me to let go of these things.

Jonathan Butler, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist

Butler is expected to perform at the Matroosfontein Jazz Re-Union, this Saturday, 18 February 2023 in Elsbury Park.

If you’d like to buy tickets, click here.

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