AI-powered surveillance detects three-time repeat offender breaking into a business in Umgeni Park

Durban – On Wednesday, members from Marshall Security apprehended a suspect after he was caught breaking into a business premises on Riverside Road, in the Umgeni Park area of Durban.

Marshall’s managing director, Tyron Powell, said that at approximately 6.50pm Marshall’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras detected a suspect crawling on a client’s business premises in the Umgeni Park area.

Powell said Marshall’s Emergency Dispatch Centre immediately received an alert and dispatched multiple armed response officers to the scene. He said the officers arrived at the property within minutes.

“The suspect was swiftly apprehended and was transported to the Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing,” said Powell.

According to Powell, the suspect is a repeat offender who was arrested last December by members of Marshall Security in the same area.

With regard to December’s arrest, Powell said Marshall’s Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted via a WhatsApp crime alert group that a suspect had just stolen a car cover from a vehicle that was parked on Marine View Avenue in the Umgeni Park area.

“Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and while members were responding, a suspect matching the description given by the witness was spotted on Brownsdrift Road carrying the car cover. The suspect was immediately apprehended,”he said.

Powell said the same suspect had previously been arrested by Marshall Security three times.

He said the first time he was arrested was in July 2019 and the second arrest was in July 2020.

At the time of the third arrest, Powell said: “According to the suspect he had been released from prison in September that year (2022) after completing his sentence for the first housebreaking case in 2019. He stated that he had initially been released on a suspended sentence, but due to being caught again for theft in July 2020, his suspended sentence came into effect and he was imprisoned.”


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