[LISTEN] How is Edwin Sodi connected to the cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal?

Bongani Bingwa speaks with Karyn Maughan, a Legal Journalist at News24.

The water supply issues and cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal have pointed to issues with the Rooiwal Water Treatment Plant.

Companies belonging to Sodi were awarded tenders worth hundreds of millions of rands to upgrade the Rooiwal water treatment plant, but these upgrades were not completed.

Maughan says that there are reports that only 60% of the work was done before the contract was canceled due to non-delivery.

Now, the country is suffering a cholera outbreak that has claimed the lives of 22 people so far.

Cholera is a water-born disease that is linked to untreated water.

The shock of this cannot be underestimated. Cholera is a disease that should have been eradicated years ago.

Karyn Maughan, Legal journalist – News24

Sodi is a businessman who has been implicated in corruption at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry and faces a criminal case for his role in the Free State asbestos housing scandal.

Maughan says that there has also been evidence of Sodi making significant payments to several ANC politicians.

There has been this repeat pathology of huge government infrastructure tenders being given to people aligned with the party who are then… shown to have made payments to high-ranking members of the ANC.

Karyn Maughan, Legal journalist – News24

Listen to the interview for more.

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