Ultimate Toulouse travel guide

Lying on the banks of the River Garonne, Toulouse is popular for its red-brick architecture. The city is called La Ville Rose because many of its buildings were built with terra-cotta bricks. Basilique Saint-Sernin is a Romanesque church built during the 11-12th century and is notable for its bell tower, large gates, and thunderous organ. A few major attractions of the city are Couvent des Jacobins, Place du Capitole, and Chapelle des Carmélites. Canal du Midi is a canal that runs from the city of Toulouse down to the Mediterranean port. The most enjoyable thing to do in Toulouse is traveling the canal path by boat, bike, or on foot. The city has archaeology and fine arts museums exhibiting religious paintings and Roman sculptures. Also, Toulouse is known for its regional cuisine, traditional sweets, and desserts.

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